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How can you grow with the SAP Business One Starter Package?

SAP Business One Starter Package – giving the smallest businesses the power of SAP


With most of the traditional applications that a small business has to choose from on the market today, they have a limited lifespan.


What do we mean by that? Well, many of these solutions hit a ceiling where they can no longer handle the volume of transactions that you are pushing through them  – some even have a maximum database size – or they just don’t have the functionality you need to manage the more complex business scenarios that a growing business has to handle, that your customers expect or that you need to remain competitive.


So what happens? You have to retire them in favour of another solution that can handle your requirements and you start all over again…importing data, cleaning it up, learning a new software package and so on…as well as writing off the investment you already made to implement and learn the old solution in the first place.


When you decide to build your business on the SAP Business One Starter Package, you no longer have to deal with these growing pains because once you need to grow beyond the 5 users that the SAP Business One Starter Package supports or you need the additional functionality in the full SAP Business One solution – all you need to do is upgrade your hardware (if you need to), purchase the license upgrade, enter your new license codes and you are ready to go.


With the SAP Business One Starter Package you can then continue to grow, uninterrupted by software upgrades, data conversions, retraining and all the things that go hand in hand with changing software.


Plus you can access the more than 400+ solutions for SAP Business One by our global Software Solution Partners who have built complimentary solutions for manufacturing, warehouse management, project management and more.


About Bluekey Software Solutions

As the largest and fastest growing SAP Business One Partner in Africa, Bluekey enjoys a reputation for on-time delivery of SAP Business One ERP solutions to SME’s throughout Africa. The company is founded on the value proposition that the successful implementation of ERP solutions bring real and tangible benefits to business owners by driving efficiency, profitability and growth while giving management effective control and visibility.


Bluekey is also the most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa and having won the SAP Business One partner of the year award 7 years in a row (2005-2011), more than 250 successful SAP Business One implementations, the most SAP Business One-certified professionals, director experience in excess of 70 years, 2 full service support centres, and a presence in 7 regions – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania. Bluekey is uniquely qualified to implement and support SAP Business One solutions throughout Africa and help growing businesses achieve their goals and objectives.


For more information on choosing the correct SAP Business One partner for your business contact:

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