Run SAP HANA on SAP Business One


SAP Business One ERP  running on the platform hosted in the cloud allows Bluekey and solution extension partners to easily and quickly develop add-on’s and implement SAP Business One ERP in the cloud on the SAP HANA application for a solution that puts your business at the forefront of business innovation.

The SAP HANA Cloud platform is pre-installed and ready to be explored and configured to improve business management processes by combining the cutting-edge in-memory computing technology of SAP HANA with the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for smaller businesses, SAP Business One hosted in the Cloud. Although the platform is pre-installed and ready to be used, in order to activate it you will need to bring your own licenses, which will be arranged by Bluekey. Once your licenses have been activated you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of in-memory computing of your ERP solution in the cloud.


You will now be able to process large data volumes in the server’s main memory extremely quickly and get immediate feedback on transactions and complex analyses.


What are the benefits of SAP Business One in the cloud together with SAP HANA?


The SAP HANA Cloud is cost-effective

  • Access SAP Business One on the SAP HANA Cloud platform without the hassle of acquiring hardware infrastructure, communications infrastructure, maintenance services or platform updates
  • All features are bundled into one monthly flat-rate fee which includes unlimited utilization time
  • No upfront investment allows you to move from CAPEX to OPEX
  • The predictable costs allow you to accurately plan and budget
  • Reduce IT costs by reducing the maintenance and technical support required



Simple and immediate access to the SAP Business One on the SAP HANA Cloud platform. You can start testing features by performing easy and intuitive tasks and then become progressively familiar with the SAP HANA for SAP Business One by establishing parameters and using development functions


Quality and reliability of SAP Business One in the Cloud

Deployment of SAP Business One on the SAP HANA Cloud platform where you gain access through the internet to all the key features of the technology and standard processes implemented in SAP Business One, with the quality of SAP software and Portuguese Telecom (PT) infrastructure


SAP Business One in the cloud is secure

  • State of the art cyber and physical security
  • Data is protected at the 6th largest data centre in the world
  • Your data will be hosted by the top SAP-certified data centre
  • Certified security management policies further enhanced security measures


SAP Business One in the cloud allows you to focus on the business

A development platform for faster and more efficient management processes through enhanced applications and available business models


The SAP Business One on SAP HANA Cloud solution is offered as a pre-paid service billed monthly. The platform is certified for development by SAP and guaranteed by the SmartCloudPT infrastructure.


SAP Business One with SAP HANA is your gateway into the Cloud Computing arena. Cloud technology enables your company to work effectively with software and hardware provided as services designed to transform and streamline your company’s work procedures. SmartCloudPT eliminates the need for upfront software and hardware investments. You will only need to pay a monthly fee for the services that you actually use and simply pay-as-you-go according to your business flow, for greater cost-effectiveness and productivity.

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