Run SAP HANA on SAP Business One

SAP HANA – Find relevant business information in seconds

Sometimes the biggest challenge is simply finding the information you need to base a decision upon – and then verifying that what you’ve found is trustworthy data.  But with the analytics now available in SAP Business One, trusted data is always ready and waiting. Using a Google-like, freestyle search, you can instantly find and access all relevant business information – including transactional details. With comprehensive visibility into current and complete business information, you can:


  • Search for anything and everything in your SAP Business One application
  • Analyse highly granular data to discover new insights
  • Explore and investigate more information than ever before when making decisions


SAP HANA – Key Benefits


With the analytics now available for SAP Business One, you benefit from:

  • Better, faster decision making thanks to fast reporting and enterprise search functions
  • More efficient and empowered employees because they can generate standard, ad hoc, and live reporting using Microsoft Excel – without IT assistance
  • Greater return on investment – by fully leveraging the transactional and operational data being created and stored in SAP Business One for better, faster business decisions
  • Analytics and reporting – Create and run reports on up-to-date data in SAP Business One in seconds, without IT assistance, and perform what-if analysis
  • with the data you use most
  • Productivity tools – Use predefined content and multidimensional data sources to analyse data and build reports, and use Microsoft Excel to explore and investigate real-time data
  • Predefined dashboards and reports – Gain access to a variety of pre-built reports, customized around the business processes you use most
  • Search – Find and access all data in SAP Business One with freestyle enterprise search


Find out more about the finer details of SAP HANA:

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