Run SAP HANA on SAP Business One

SAP HANA is the Future of Business

The pace of change in business is accelerating at a rate the world has never seen before. Advances in mobile, cloud and Big Data technologies, such as SAP HANA. require companies to analyze data, make decisions and innovate faster.

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Explore why SAP HANA is the Future of Business


Massive Speed

Database scans up to 3.19 billion per second, per core.


Real-Time Business

Up to 2,000 times faster inter-company reconciliation.


Extreme Scale

Proven to run massive data sets to petabyte scale.


Radical Efficiency

Reduces financial accounting data footprint by up to 37 times.


Lower Cost

A single system for OLTP & OLAP.



Deploy anywhere, in the datacenter or in the cloud.



Supporting over 2,200 enterprises and over 1,000 start-ups.


Faster Financials

Significant time savings closing your quarter.



Runs on leading hardware systems; used by leading software vendors.



Supports multiple data types — structured and unstructured: text, social, machine, geospatial and business data.


Speed to Decision

Real-time insight into multi-channel sales data.


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