Run SAP HANA on SAP Business One

SAP HANA Overview

The SAP HANA platform is transforming data processing. It achieves this impact through a radically new IT architecture that isolates all active workloads from reading and writing to disk, the most time-consuming task in data processing, and does so at a scale heretofore unimaginable.


Now, next-generation applications, such as SAP HANA, can integrate high-speed transaction processing with in-depth analytics in real time, dramatically improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes across the enterprise when using tried and tested ERP such as SAP Business One.


SAP HANA Overview – Version for SAP Business One

SAP HANA for SAP Business One is a client-server application and comprises the fat client and database server. The entire SAP Business One database runs on SAP HANA.  The SAP HANA database server not only stores data, but also uses triggers as well as views, especially for reporting and upgrade purposes.


This version of SAP HANA does several things:

  • Runs on a Linux server: With SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, there is a seamless user experience.   Users can run “in memory” reports from the SAP Business One menu.  The “in-memory” dashboards are found in the SAP Business One cockpit.  Users can run the enterprise search from SAP Business One. All these functions run on the SAP HANA database so you will have much more speed than running on the SQL database.
  • Brings new analytics such as:
    • Advanced ATP: ATP Check for real time inventory transparency on daily basis & on-the-fly sales order delivery re-scheduling capability
    • Cash Flow Forecast: Forecasting cash flow real time using cash certainty levels and displaying a dynamic aggregation of all relevant business activities and option for drilldown.
    • Pervasive analytics: Quick and easy visualization of custom queries attached to a SAP Business One master data or transactions or displayed as a dashboard in the cockpit environment.
  • Brings enterprise search: Enterprise search provides new ways to find information quickly to support operations and decision making.  You can search fields (such as Description, Amount, Remark, and so on) of the business objects in SAP HANA for SAP Business One that have been stored in the SAP HANA database server.   Enterprise search supports the following business object types:   Master data; analytic content, including Crystal reports and dashboards based on the SAP HANA database; and transactions, including: A/R Transactions, A/P Transactions,  Inventory transactions, Service documents, Sales Opportunities, Production documents, and even User Defined Objects.
  • Brings interactive analysis and Crystal Reports.  You can use pre-built and customized semantic layers to analyse transactional data in Microsoft Excel pivot tables. The semantic layers can also serve as a data source for dashboards and Crystal reports.


SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, also differs in that it is primarily intended for net-new customers interested in SAP Business One with embedded analytics running on an in-memory platform.


SAP HANA Overview – SAP Business One Analytics powered by SAP HANA


Decision time frames are shorter than ever today. And as a result, small businesses and midsize companies need near-instant access to all of their business information and a way to analyse it for fast, informed decision making that drives better business outcomes.


SAP Business One ERP together with analytics powered by the SAP HANA platform, is a breakthrough solution that brings up-to-date data from SAP Business One into local memory for instant, real-time insight into your business. And because the software is designed for ease of use, anyone can create and run custom reports without IT or consulting assistance. This advanced solution enables query response times that are much faster than traditional database technology can deliver. As a result, people can make decisions based on data that is accurate as of the minute, instead of relying on data extracts that are outdated as soon as they are run.


With analytics offered in SAP Business One, companies get an affordable solution that empowers people to be more productive and informed. For example, they can perform simple to complex data analysis, investigate results more easily, and populate custom spread sheets and reports with current data – all without IT assistance. Access to prebuilt reports and dashboards, along with freestyle search and intuitive ad hoc reporting functionality, accelerates employee adoption for faster time to value.


SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA, is delivered preconfigured and preinstalled on Fujitsu hardware that has been certified by the SAP HANA development support team and is sold separately. There may be additional certified hardware offerings once generally available.


To run this solution, customers must be on SAP Business One version 8.82 PL04. Upgrades are licensed separately.   Customers must license the same number of named users for SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA, as they have for SAP Business One.


Read some SAP HANA FAQ’s





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